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Operational Readiness Activation & Transition

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ORAT is the transition process from the construction of the new facility to full operation. The role of ORAT is to organise the stakeholders to a level of operational readiness and to support the smooth transfer from construction to operation and activation of the facility.

ORAT is:  

Trust, collaboration, transparency, regular meetings.

Cooperation between the local CAA, the operator, stakeholders, agencies, contractors and sub-contractors.

Strickt deadlines and discipline are the basis for a successful ORAT and opening of the new facility in time.

Our approach is open communication and collaboration between all project participants in the ORAT process. The internal ORAT Team will play a critical role in making available all of the stakeholders who will be operating, maintaining and using the new Facility. MT GlobalExperts will provide the collaborative environment and manage the needed interactions between all stakeholders. 

Proper Documentation

First Step for a successful ORAT.

SMS, Aerodrome Manual, AEP, Terminal Handling Manual, FMM Concept, BHS Concept, Aviation Security Concept, ICT Integration Matrix 

They will detail the operation of services within the new facility and would include plans for baggage, terminal, landside and airside operations. 

O&M Training and familiarisation of the staff is the logical second step in the ORAT process, as the training programs would be developed based upon the standard operating procedures that have been detailed in the concept of operation.



Services include:

  • DESKTOP  ORAT - review airport  processes during the detailed design phase
  • Mobilization and training of internal ORAT Team - ORAT Training also online available
  • Operational & Technical Core Processes Programme
  • Stakeholders Core Process    Meetings
  • SOPs/Job Descriptions development
  • Famillarisation Training
  • O&M Training program and coordination
  • Operational Trials
  • Transfer & Activation
  • Post Opening Support