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Operational Readiness Activation & Transition

ORAT Training 21-25 Feb 2022 - Online



Building a new mega building is never easy, especially when that building is an airport terminal. Modern airport terminals are huge complex buildings. Perhaps, the most complex buildings in the world with extremely complex technology, systems and processes. New airport terminals tend to be impacted by minor and major problems (apart from the construction delays) that have a negative impact on scheduled opening dates from an operational & technical standpoint. Added to this - lack of staff familiarization of the facilities, lack of proper training, lack of focus on trialing of the processes and procedures, systems and equipment all tend to impact a smooth opening.

These challenges could have mitigated if a comprehensive & well-structured ORAT program had been a part of the airport project early on, right from the planning stage which makes it possible to align design, construction and operational requirements of all stakeholders.

ORAT Online Training

The aim of the online workshop is to give delegates a comprehensive overview of the elements required for a comprehensive ORAT program, using real life case studies from airports around the world as well as allowing for interaction with subject matter experts from the ongoing projects.

Who Should Attend?

Staff who need to be involved in an ORAT program or senior staff looking at ORAT best practices and guidelines.


A highly practical course, participants will take away knowledge and tools which they can apply immediately!  This workshop is structured in an interactive format – with exercises for each module. The aim is to ensure that delegates from … Airports are able to develop a draft ORAT approach by the end of this session.  Course Content:  

Day 1 – ORAT Concepts

Day 2 – Building an ORAT Team

Day 3 – ORAT Program & Management

Day 4 – ORAT & People

Day 5 – Bringing it all together

Case Studies

Women in Aviation Leadership - Master class - to be advised.

Women in Aviation Leadership - Master class:

A unique program for ladies who has accepted the challenge to be a leader in the world of Aviation.

5 days devoted to understanding the unique issues women face in leadership and learning how to use your unique talents and your natural advantages in order to achieve excellence in your career.

We will speak about the psychology of communication, how to use your emotional intelligence in the right way, how to develop further your leadership skills in order to be able to resist better the challenges of the business, to lead by inspiration, to be stronger and more successful in persuasion, we will discuss the importance of the self-discipline and the work ethics, we will do some special exercises for increasing of your self-confidence, and much more.

In addition we will have optional morning and evening classes for strong and healthy body and mind, which are of high importance for the business success, too.

Contact: Mariola Ziolkowski